There were written reviews, when I got into hobby. Then, with new technologies that just exploded with new possibilities, there came new ways of presenting games – audio podcasting and reviews and then video podcasting and reviews.

We all now have access to cameras and microphones. We all have Audacity to edit our mp3 and heave plenty of different video editors too. It’s never been that easy, right?


Few weeks ago I asked on my Twitter account about best reviewers in the hobby (I cover it here). There was only one mention of reviewer who actually writes reviews. Rest of them work with camera. Tom Vasel, Joel Eddy, Rahdo, these guys use camera. And they do a great job.


With cameras that are so widely available, there was born a new format. It is called unboxing. Person with camera shows components of the game. Opens the box in front of camera.

And even though I know many unboxers by person and they are my friends. And even though I – as a publisher – do like this format, because it shows that my game is well produced. And even though I know this is very popular format…

Even though!

I have to say it. I hate it.


If there is a game on my radar, if there is a game I consider buying, if there is a chance that I will have this game in my collection… I will never ever watch unboxing.

I buy the game to open it by myself.
I buy the game to look inside with excitement and with curiosity.
I buy the game to see the components for the first time and have pure pleasure of discovering all these cute components.

I don’t want anyone to spoil that moment. New game box is a mystery. it is my precious. Don’t touch with your camera!

And since all games out there are on my radar, I just simply do not watch unboxing videos.