Few days ago I asked on my Twitter feed 'What is your favorite board games reviewer’. As you can suppose, answers pop up quickly. And pop up in big numbers. 🙂 I collected them, counted and here I have them for you. Geeks recommendation for best reviewers in board gaming hobby! Here is vox populi!

1. Rahdo Runs Through

Amazing man. He is a living container for positive energy. When I watch his movies, every single second I am afraid he will just explode in front of camera. Pure energy. Rahdo has this amazing idea for his reviews – cut in 3 separate videos. First one is general overview of game play and example of first turn of the game. Second movie shows extended game play- if you are interested. Third one is opinion about the game – final thoughts.

2. DriveThru Reviews

I met Joel and played with him at Gen con. Super cool guy. His reviews are – I would say – quite opposite to Rahdo’s, I mean, Joel looks like he just woke up a minute before he started to record. 😉 His movies are shorter, he is not talkin’ much about rules and game play, he focuses on core of review – opinion about the game.

3. The Dice Tower

His Majesty Tom Vasel, world’s most famous reviewer, owning The Dice Tower channel with reviews, news, audio podcasts (yes, plural!)… He publishes a lot of reviews. As he says, he want to review every game out there. It is certainly mission impossible, but he does his best to provide us with as much information about games, as possble. His channel has 60k subscribes. Quite a number, huh?

Geeks recommend also:

4. Undead Viking,
5. Ryan Metzler (część kanału The Dice Tower),
6. Shut Up & Sit Down,
7. The Game Boy Geek (część kanału The Dice Tower),
8. Watch It Played,

…and many many more.