I am not that good with bragging. I mean, I try to talk about my successes and achievements, but I am always afraid of this small line between sharing happiness of achieving some success and between bragging. Talk to much about your self and you no longer act like happy person. You act like jerk.

So here I am. Thin line. Not bragging. Just sharing my pride and happiness…


Gameinformer picked Robinson to Top 10 Tabletop Games of 2013. Yuppi! Nominations are here.

Space-Biff put Robinson as #1 choice at Best 2013 Alone / Co-op. All other great games you will find here.

Space-Biff put my other game – Convoy – as #7 choice at Best 2013 Head-to-heads. Great games for2 players you will find here.

In the meantime ZMan published their second print of the game and Robinson jumped to #23 rank at BGG. In my most cocky dreams I would not predict this. Thank you for all your votes! Thank you so much!

I know this game is hard to get. If you have chance to play it – have a try. This is really a fine game.