In 2009 I had my Nokia with an awesome battery and Snake game. I paid no attention to Iphones, had never heard about Ipad, and was far behind the hot new trend. My friend Marek approached me and told me he is starting a video games company, and they want to do Neuroshima Hex for iPhones and all other upcoming mobile devices. We met, he showed me the prototype, which blew my mind, and I signed the contract the same day.

In 2010 Apple launched Ipad. Sold bizzillion of copies. And thanks to my friend Marek, who took some correct guesses, Neuroshima Hex became the second board game (after Small World) available on Ipads ever.

You guess right. We sold a shitload of Neuroshima Hex app that year.

Fast forward a decade later. Portal Games Digital is a separate company that does e-versions of Portal Games titles. They released Tides of Time, Neuroshima Convoy, Imperial Settlers: R&W, and a brand new version of Neuroshima Hex. Next in the pipeline is a companion app for Robinson Crusoe. Each of these adaptations is absolutely mindblowing for me. The artwork, animations, and ease of play are all of the highest quality. They offer me a fun time when I am traveling, when I am stuck in traffic when I need to kill a few minutes. I cannot count how many times we were stuck in a traffic jam in Germany on our travels to Essen and played the Neuroshima Hex tournament in the car.

But besides that, there is more. When my daughter’s friends ask what her parents do for a living, she can always pull out her phone and says that her dad does video games. I am the cool dad.

P.S. And the whole reason for this app’s dedicated memory is simple – today, we have all PG Digital apps on sale. So do yourself a favor and buy one or two of them! Details here: