If you have listened to or read any of the interviews I gave in the previous two or three years, you’ve probably noticed one thing. This one thing was – I was sending a message: 'It’s just a beginning. It’s not started yet.’

I have a unique perspective – I am active here in the U.S., and I closely observe how the market grows and at the same time I work in Poland and I observe and analyze the Polish market. I run businesses in these two countries. It gives me a pretty interesting angle.

I know how many copies of Neuroshima Hex, Robinson Crusoe or Imperial Settlers I sell in Poland. I also know how many times the U.S. is bigger than Poland. And I also know how much more people earn here than in Poland.

In all interviews I am going to give this year I could repeat it over and over again. “It’s just a beginning. It’s not started yet”.

But actually I won’t. I have pretty exciting news for you. It’s started. Mark the date. January 2016.

We all saw it coming. Asmodee is the biggest company in our market. Lately it has been acquiring companies one after another. What is most important for all of us, Asmodee also acquired the rights to two titles: Spot it and Catan.

Does it mean Asmodee will come to Gen con, fight for customers with Portal Games, Strongold Games, Plaid Hat Games, and destroy us? Or does it actually rather mean that they are gathering forces to fight for new customers? To go to Target, Barnes & Nobles or any other sale market and bring new people to our hobby?

That biggest company in the hobby sent a clear message: “We are ready to bring new people to the industry. We have Catan. We have Spot it. We have Ticket to Ride. We have all these amazing gateway games. We have the knowledge and resources, and we will use them in the best way possible.”

I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in 2016. I know we geeks are super excited about the second season of Pandemic: Legacy. I know you can’t wait to hear about a new game by Stefan Feld. Hopefully some of you are also eager to see what game Mr. Trzewiczek is going to announce on 23rd January during a Portal Games convention. But these will be only small, minor [insignificant] releases of 2016 compared to what will happen in the whole year.

In 2016 boardgaming in the U.S. will explode.

I said it. You may quote me on this.


edited by Piotr. Thank you!