It came out of nowhere. I was in the kitchen making dinner for the kids and he just began to talk. I mean my son, a 12-year-old kid. A hardcore X-Wing nerd. It was about 10- or 15-minute-long monologue without a single break. He managed to explain to me in detail all the ships from the new wave, pointed out in which movie (a Star Wars Rebels show) one of these ships is present, what skills it has in the movie and then what it means for the X-Wing rules. He told me what we should expect from this ship when we buy it. He also mentioned what other ships he expected in the next wave – all of that based on the movies, shows and a pretty detailed analysis of the FFG releases so far.

I didn’t understand a word of it.

I was terrified. Not because my son is going to kick my ass in the next 100 X-Wing games. Not because he visits the FFG page more often than the Portal Games’s site. Not because making dinner for four kids is a quite a task.

I was terrified because he showed me what true hardcore fans of a game look like. And without a doubt there are hardcore fans of Imperial Settlers there somewhere. Some hardcore fans of Robinson Crusoe. And of Stronghold…

It may be the case that at some point they will know more about the game than I do. Admit it. A terrifying feeling, huh? 😉

edited by Piotr, thank you!