moloch_enIn 2003 me, Michał Oracz and Marcin Blacha wrote and published Neuroshima RPG. One of the key concepts of this postapocalyptic universe is Moloch – AI that decided to destroy humans (this is not entirely true statement about Moloch, but I will not dig into details here). 

Rulebook for Neuroshima RPG gives exact date when Moloch is born and the war begins. It is 5th of September 2020. End of the world we know. Beginning of war between humans and machines.

For the past few years we celebrated Moloch Day here in Poland and did some events to remind our fans that time is close. For today we also had something in mind. We wanted to post this super cool artwork you see above on our website as a pop up screen. When you enter Portal Games website, you see this screen.

Small celebration of 5th September.


And this is the moment when funny story comes. As usual when Portal Games in involved, right?

For no reasons whatsoever today 02:00 AM our website was attacked by maleware, changed into some sort of f… engine to attack other websites and begin to attack everybody all around. It did a lot of ugly things. Right in the morning Polish time our website was shut down by our provider and labeled as a thread.

When I approached office today at 9:00 AM guys greeted me: 'Happy Moloch day, boss. All our websites are down.’

Our Polish site, our English site and our Retailers Online system was down. Sweet.

It took us few hours to get back online.

Well, what can I say… Happy Moloch Day. It was hell of celebration this year!