New expansion for Ruins is ready and it is a high time to tell you about all new features you will find in this little box. I say little box, because unlike New Era and Winter Ruins will be sold in a small package (like LCG packs from FFG). 40 cards, rulebook. Nothing less, nothing more.

What’s new?

ruiny eng9

ruiny eng13ruiny eng18

Firstnew type of cards is above – these cards not only let you store resources, but also – if you manage to have it full, let you gain something as a reward. If you have many barrels of fuel, you will be able to search the countryside to discover new locations (draw new card). If you have many Guns, it is quite easier to convince some people to join your empire (gain incorporation tokens).

It’s not that easy to fill these cards, but if you manage, they give quite a good benefit.

ruiny eng20ruiny eng19

Other type of cards that you’ll find in the Ruins are cards that let you draw cards from discard. It doesn’t sound very cool, but believe me, it changes the game a lot. It lets you hunt for cards discarded by your opponent. It lets you bring back card that you’ve just rebuilt, it lets you discard a card and then take it immediately back. In hands of smart testers, these cards were doing magic tricks.


ruiny eng22

ruiny eng32

ruiny eng31

BTW: do you like democracy? If you use Leaders from 51st State, you may want to have two Leaders at the time, right? It is possible now – you just need to build Parliament. You will also find here two new Leaders. Very strong ones, I have to admit. Leaders that change the game and influences the game play a lot. I hope you will like them.