So we play Tash-Kalar – me, Michał Oracz, Multi and Walec. Another Essen 2013 release that needs to be tested, analyzed and hopefully praised.  After 60 minutes we are done. Alliance of Walec and Multi wins. Both of them are so fucking excited like they just  won at lottery. I mean, I know, they kicked Boss’s ass but hey, chill out boys. 'You won’t believe it’ Walec says. 'I have prototype of  the exact the same game. I wanted to present you it in two weeks’ he says to me. 'Only difference, my board has hexes. Rest exactly the same.’ ’You won’t believe’ says Multi and takes sheet of paper from his desk. 'Here is a draft for my prototype. I was going to finish it this year. This is exactly this game.’  And he shows us his notes. This is Tash-Kalar indeed. 


So here is my advice, young designers – don’t make notes. Make games. Because when you are taking notes, some one is just finishing his work on this very same idea… 🙂