I wish I could do something. Anything.

This post talks about things that are way away from basic topics usually discussed here. I was struggling for the past six hours if I should write it. I decided I should. I am sorry if you were looking for different content.


Last year I was invited to Lviv for Igrosfera, board games convention. I met amazing gamers. I met very talented authors. I had a great time. Few months later I published in Poland one of the games I found there. It is bestseller in Poland now. I got really close with people I met there, with some of them I hang out at FB, with some at Twitter, with authors and publishers I hang out on Skype.

And now there is a war in Ukraine.

The war that takes place in Ukraine is a horror. And with me, knowing some of people, with me being there just few months ago it is really hard to treat this as a news item. This is not a news item. This is a horror. Today I spoke with Oleksandr Nevskiy, one of the authors of the game I published in Poland. Here is a quote from him:

'Yes, I’m fine. Thanks. Our local special service shooted at our peaceful people during the meeting. So we’ve got one shooted young man and one injured women, she is in a very difficult condition. But if to compare with our capital Kyiv, we are ok. There is a bloody massacre.’

and then:

’I’m often off-line as I take part in all meetings during the day and I with other guys keep watch in the streets during the nights.’

For the past six hours I was struggling what to do. I decided to post it. I played with this guy Robinson and Legacy (prototype version) few months ago. Now he risks his life fighting for freedom. You should know.

I have no comment. I am speechless. I wish I could help. I wish I could do anything to help them. I am sitting here powerless. All I can do is spread the word. I know it is not enough.