You don’t mess with board gamers!


If by any chance you didn’t hear the news, here it is – IKEA announced that they will no longer produce Expedit shelf. Yes, expedit. This shelf you have at home. This one. They gonna replace it with Kallax shelf. The sides of the new one are 1 cm thinner. The change is made because of ecology reasons (to lower amount of wood used).

IKEA announced that new shelf has exact the same dimensions, but you know… People like what they already know. They don’t like changes. That’s why Facebook page ’Rettet das Ikea Expedit Regal’ that serves to save Expedit has more than… 24 000 likes 🙂

If you are scared, sign there. Or buy Expedit in advance, I don’t know, three or four shelves. Your collection of games will grow, right?