If you want to win GoldeGeenAward for Innovation in 2015…

new ideas

Yesterday we had an amazing time at Twitter where we were brainstorming simple topic: #GameAssumptions Discussion was inspired by His Majesty Rob Daviau and it spread like a fire. In a few minutes gamers from all over the world put quite a number of great game assumptions.

I looked at them – of course – from designing perspective. What a fuel for imagination! What a pile of great ideas! You just pick one, create a game and win a Golden Geek for Innovations! And since my schedule is full and since I have my prototypes ready for 2014, 2015 and 2016 I can’t use this ideas. I list some of the ideas presented at this brainstorming to show you that great designers took already took this ideas and created great games.

Felix Rios: „wait for your turn”
This assumption was broken by so many great real time games (Escape and Space Cadets Dice duel to mention only the newest ones). Both of those game were listed for GoldenGeek nominations! 🙂

Rob Davios: „You draw from a draw pile and discard to a discard pile and not vice versa.”
This assumption was broken by deck building games (Dominion was first!), where you discard cards to pile which in a moment changes into your draw pile. I am working on sf deckbuilder, so if you want to get GoldenGeek nomination for this, you better hurry 😉

Kyle Hendricks: „Your move/action is complete when your hand is taken off the applicable pawn/piece.”
This assumption was broken for example in Bohnanza where in your turn you put cards on table, but then, when there is turn of other players, you can interrupt, trade and put cards again! What a game! Won SdJ recommendation in 1997.

Willie Hung: „All players have the same set of rules.”
This assumption is broken by asymmetrical games, which I personally love. My Stronghold released in 2009 was that type of game – in Valley edition of the game there were two (2!) separate rulebooks – one for defender and one for invader. Each of players play his own game – and game blend it together into epic struggle.

Peter Lee: „the players know they are playing a game.”
Sounds obvious? Well, not at all! There is a game called I betcha which is played at parties, players have secret goals and in a fact not all people know they are part of the game! Really! 🙂

Daniel Solis: „The art is just decoration.”
Also already broken. You did played Dixit, right? Amazing art in this game is the whole game, it is fundamental part of rules. Won 27 different awards and nominations for awards.

Sam Bertken: „You must be able to see the board/monitor in order to play it.
Really? You must? I don’t think so! This assumption was broken in Visionary, where you build construction from wooden pieces, but you don’t see construction, you don’t see pieces, because the constructor is blindfolded! Yep, 1997 SdJ recommendation!

So, what can I say… You can do it too. You can design a game that is extraordinary. Just think out of the box…