I desecrated Nurnberg fair. I say this straight, I went there and desecrated it. Celebration of our hobby, everybody happy, smiled, everybody’s wearing suit andtie. Publishers present new games, talk about plans, praise their achievements. Beautiful hall, exhibitions, presentations, lasting four days celebration of gaming world.

Well, and me. His Majesty Trzewik, wearing blue jeans, with a backpack on his back, blown hair and a big problem with lackoftime. I ran into halls, I met each partner, with whom I wanted to meet and click, I’m gone. Nuremberg took me six hours and forty minutes.

I exaggerated my objectives point of view for the fair. I had meetings and I had nothing more. In 6 hours I made 10 meetings. A taste of the fair?No. Discovering plans of other publishers? No. Having fun? Nope.

This was bad. This was crazy.

I will never do it again. Next year I will lower my objective oriented approach. I will spend more time having some fun. So, sorry for lack of report from Nurnberg. I have only few photos. And not to many anecdotes…






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