I am not tech guy. I have constant and rather pathetic problems with computers, with GPS, with smart phone, with everything. I mean, there is no electronic device on this planet that I can use without problems. Each of this smart tech gadgets failed me someday in the past. I hate them.


Even though I hate them, I know how they are important. I know that I need to use my smart phone to be in touch with my friends at Twitter, I need to be in touch with our fans at Facebook, I need my smart phone to post pics to Instagram. I use technology to be in touch with people who like my games.

The question – why the hell at every big convention there is no free wi fi?  Why I can’t tweet when I am at Gen Con and I meet cool people? Why can’t I upload photos right from the heart of Essen? Why I can’t share news on Facebook when I am at Nurnberg?

Do organizers of this events know that me, and 10 000 other bloggers would make a huge positive buzz around this event if they have free wi fi?

So my my question today is: people who run this events don’t know about this huge technology shift that has been made in the last 2 years, they don’t know that we all use smarthones and post photos and updates every damn minute to be in touch with our friends? They don’t know we need free wi fi these days?

Or for some reasons this is impossible because of technology problems. Anyone knows the reason? Anybody can explain me this mystery? Is it technology or is it people?