bann9Last week Robinson had a honor to win Swiss Gamers Award 2013. 22 Swiss game clubs selected their favorite game of 2013. It turned out they like and respect Robinson. I was very happy and proud to hear that.  This weekend I’ll have a honor to be a guest of Ludesco, Swiss convention dedicated to board games.

Yeah, no coincidence here 😉

Three years ago for the first time I was at convention in France, two years ago for the first time in Italy. Last year for the first time in Ukraine and US. This year for the first time I’ll be at convention in Switzerland and then in China. Each year there is a new adventure. Each year I discover new country, new games, new conventions.  And what is most important, each time I meet new gamers. Gamers that stay in my life, people with whom I keep in touch on Facebook, Twitter, people that became my gaming friends.  Fabien, Christian, Toy, Alan, Oleg and Oleksandr… Every time I go to new convention I meet amazing people.

I can’t  wait to be there, at Ludesco, play games and have fun. Please, if you have chance, visit this convention. I hope to meet you there.