Time for big news, right? The big news is – I go to Kickstarter. Not with new game, not with new prototype, not with cool edition of some of my older games.

I go to Kickstarter with something unique, I go there to fulfill one of my dreams – take best of my articles I wrote about games and put them into one real book. Have collection of stories about creating 51st State, Pret-a-Porter, Robinson Crusoe and all other more or less funny stuff I wrote here for the past few years.

I took 35 articles I like most. I choose photos and pictures that are connected with these stories, photos of prototypes, conventions I attended, people I work with.

Yes, Merry pictures too.

In some cases I added some comments (from today’s perspective), in some cases I deleted some parts. I put as much love as I could to give you unique book. And here I am, with a Kickstarter.

Why Kickstarter? Because this is an answer platform. This is a place where I can ask: 'Is anybody interested in a book about boardgames?’

You give me an answer.

Why back a book with materials you can find online?

To have all the best from this blog in one volume?
To have unique book on the shelf?
To have unique gift for some of you gaming or not gaming friends?
To say 'Thank you mate, I like your blog!’
To… I don’t know.

This is a Kickstarter. This is a tool to show dreams and try to make them real thing. So here I am, with my dream and my book.

What is your answer?