How to hang out with Trzewik at Essen and bunch of other news…

Since 2009 I had a fun at Essen. I was doing interviews, demos, was signing games and basically hang out with gamers. Coolest job on that planet.

It was possible, because my friends from Rebel Games (they are my distributor) took care of all business stuff. I did not need to do any business. Only fun stuff.

Unfortunately, this year things gonna change. Portal grows. Rebel grows. We have too much to do at fair. Rebel can not do my job for me anymore. We are friends. We help each other, but at some point we just have to make hard decisions. One of them is – Essen is no longer a party time for me. I need to go to work.


I am telling you that because for the past few years at Essen I was super available for you. I was always having time to chat, always time to sign box, take photo… I was at Portal Games booth nearly all the time just to have fun with you, gamers.

This year it is gonna change. For most of the time I will be sitting somewhere at business lobby and do serious stuff. Sign contracts, not boxes.

Since some of you may want to talk to me at Essen, ask some rule questions, or whatever else and many of you at my Twitter feed was telling me that will drop by to say hello, I am more than afraid that someone could be disappointed coming to Portal Games booth and see no Trzewik there. I decided I will post here hours when I will be sitting there for 100% available for you to chat, have fun and talk about games. I am happy to meet you at Portal booth:

10:30 – 13:00

14:00 – 16:00

12:30 – till end

Not too much. I know.

For the rest of the time I will be running here and there, from one meeting to another. I will try to be at Portal Games booth as often as possible, between meetings, but I have many many of them this year. I am sorry I can not be as available for you as in the past.

But! (there is always a but!)
I have an idea! We can meet on Thursday, 24th of October at pub! After halls close, me and Portal Games team will go to Drago an der Gruga, Alfredstraße 122 45131 Essen restaurant that is VERY close to Essen halls.

I will try to reserve tables on Wednesday. We can hang out, have a good time and talk there! (Next Wednesday I will post right from Germany confirmation that reservation of tables is made.) I hope we will have a good time there!

What is more…
Let’s be honest! This time I am not author of new Portal Games release! You guys shouldn’t hunt me anyway! You need to hunt Michiel Hendriks! Have him sign your copy! Take picture with him! Congratulate him great game! 

I am happy to say that Michiel is our guest and will be at Essen at Portal Games booth all the time. He will be available for you, running demo games, smiling, signing boxes. Although he can’t draw a cow (like I do!), but on the other hand he looks much better on the pictures than I do!

This year Michiel is in the spotlight!

What is more…
What is more, we will have Mateusz Bielski at our booth too! Author of amazing art for our games, responsible for many great artwork for Legacy, Convoy, Theseus…

Mateusz will be there with us. He will sign cards, he will sign boxes, he will draw you cool drawings. And let’s face it, Matuesz is like superman – he can draw a cow and he does look better on the pictures than me!

What is more…
What is more we will have Marion who co-developed with me and Robert (and army of great testers!) Voyage of the Beagle. If you want to meet most devoted Robinson Crusoe fan in Germany, Marion will hang out with us at Essen every day and will present you Voyage of the Beagle and gossip about developement process!

[She will be also only German speaking person at our booth so I believe she will help us a lot with all other stuff too ]

We have great games, we have great guests, we will have great Essen! You are all invited! Hall 1 booth E142


And since I like to have always something interesting for you and always try to have a surprise… I am happy to announce that next Thursday, 24th of October I start small project on Kickstarter! I have this small crazy idea and I want to see if this small dream can turn into reality. 

You will be first to know.

Next Wednesday I will announce it. I hope some of you find it interesting. Trzewik goes Kickstarter!

(yes, drawing of cows are involved in this project!)


And because my blog is about good stories and today’s post has nothing to do with a good story I would be very disappointed to provide you only boring stuff and you would be disappointed too…

But… (there is always a…)

There is a man who few days ago wrote funny and really amazing post about me, Portal Games, Michiel and Legacy. I am happy to redirect you right to his blog and I wish you great read of his post. He has a good story for you in place of me today…

See you at Essen guys! Looking forward to meet all of you! Wish me luck at Essen