We had a geek birthday. To be precise, three of them in one day. My Merry, and my friends: Tycjan and WC. Three geeks, three birthdays, one party. How cool is that?

And since we are all geeks, among the bottles of wine, there were also a geek presents and gifts.

What is a difference between present for gamer and present for geek? You, boardgames geeks know it, right?

Gamer gets boardgames.
Geek gets unique boardgames.

Unique stuff like print and play treasures that are unavailable in stores and you can’t have them unless you spend two nights printing, cutting, sticking…

Unique stuff like pre-production copy of Portal Games games that will be released for Essen 2013 and right now they are unavailable in stores and you can’t have them unless you have birthday and I am invited…

Yeah, geeks birthdays can be superfun.


For a past few years we spent summer vacation with other geeks. Our kids have fun together on playgrounds and swimming pools etc, while we have great time playing boardgames. One or two weeks of playing card games (on beach) and big boardgames (in rooms). No time pressure, no going to work in the morning, you can put Twilight Imperium on the table and feel no pressure. You have two weeks ahead!

Few weeks ago I discovered however that there is a difference between gamer’s vacations and geek’s vacations. And what is worst, I discovered that I may be in the gamer category. You know, it seems I am not geeky enough! I, Ignacy Trzewiczek were spending gamers, not geeky vacations! They must be kidding me…

So what’s the difference?

Gamers go with their friends to play boardgames on vacations.
Geeks go further…

I discovered website http://boardgametravel.com/ where you can sign up for a geek vacation. What they offer? Library of 400 games available for you. Tournaments. Prototypes sessions. And special guests, just in case it was not geeky enough yet – you will spend summer vacations with Touko Tahkokallio (author of Eclipse boardgame) and Rahdo (from Rahdo Runs Through).

Yeah, geeks vacations can be superfun.


New Year Eve! The crazy night! All people around world dance and drink, and we geeks can play boardgames! I spent great nights running boardgames marathon for the past few years. We were playing as many party games as possible. Superfun, but…

But my Merry said this is enough. She wants to dance.

So, my friends, I am in trouble. I have six months to explain her that dancing in the New Years Eve will ruin her geek’s reputation.

She must understand – in the true geeks world dancing is not acceptable!