My most expected book of the year arrived. It’s not a new novel from Brandon Sanderson. It’s not a new Stephen King novel. It’s not even the new novel about my beloved Troll Slayer. It’s Dice Men by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson. It’s about the beginnings of the Games Workshop. 

You know, I am a sucker for everything that covers behind-the-scenes information. I loved these extras that back then were added to DVD discs. I loved documentaries about creating and developing games (like Indie Game: The Movie). I cannot express how I enjoyed  Designers & Dragons series by Shannon Appelcline. And now this – the origin story of the Games Workshop! OMG!

My first RPG was Warhammer RPG. My first miniature game was Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Games Workshop titles were the origins of my gaming passion. My first job in the industry, my debut was publishing a scenario for Warhammer RPG here in Poland. Soon I became „the Warhammer dude” in Polish fandom, and my career started – I had fans who loved my writing, listened to my lectures and seminars at the cons, and then I came up with the idea to start my own company.

Portal Games would never be possible without Warhammer and Games Workshop.

I own Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson a lot. Their talent, their passion, and their hard work woke up the talent, the passion, and the call to work in the gaming industry in me. So here I am, holding the book written by the Legend about the origins of the company that changed my life.

And additionally… Man, I really love behind the scene stuff.