With Internet, Netflix, YouTube and all those modern technologies our world is smaller – whatever you live in USA, France or Poland you watch Game of Thrones on HBO, you go to the cinema to watch Terminator, you buy your kids Nerf gun and pretend that you are not interested in shooting with it.

It wasn’t the case when we were kids. I grew up in Poland in communism time, you grew up in USA or France and these were completely different worlds. Different toys, different activities, different TV shows…

Let me today show you one of the highlights of my childhood and literally every other kid during communism time in Poland. USA had Looney Tunes or Disney cartoons, we in Poland had 'Neighbors’. It was cartoon created in Czech and distributed in other countries of Eastern Block, like Poland, ZSRR or Bulgaria.

If in communism times we could be proud of something, that most likely would be this TV show! Enjoy!