You designed a game. It got published. It was hell of a job to design it, to make it really great and what is most important, to make it real.

You did it. You have it in your hands. You have it on your shelf. You are proud daddy. Right?

And since – without having doubts – this is an amazing game you are eager to see reviews, opinions. You want to imbibe feedback that’s coming. Oh, yes. Gamers will praise you, will say nice things, will congratulate you… Yeah…


Here is what you can do now:

Either you gonna end up being stuck in front of monitor for the next half of the year searching for all reviews, comments, discussions.

Either you sit on your ass and start to work on new project.

That’s your choice.


Woody Allen doesn’t give a shit about reviews. When it’s done, he just walks away.

I’m not Woody Allen. I’m high. Handsome. And I can’t walk away.

So here is my advice. Stop talkin’ about Robinson or I won’t do new game.

Hello! People! I can’t focus on my new project!