Publishing games in the Internet era

tot_art2-300x199There is discussion that will never end and will always engage gamers – is KS good for the Industry? Are games from KS worse than games published by regular publisher? Should people buy games at KS or they should support their FLGS? There is so much discussion about KS and so many arguments.

There is one thing that no one argues.

KS games have best presentation of the product ever. In most cases people who put their product on KS do their job so much better than average regular publisher. Artwork, rulebook, previews, reviews, you call it, you’ll find it on the KS page.

I mention it in this shameless post because even though I am not at KS, I put so much effort presenting you the game before you buy it. I mention it in this shameless promotion post because me and my team put lot of time, effort and heart into providing you with best content possible. I mention it in this shameless way because I want you to go to Portal Games site and look at Tides of Time.

Presentation like on KS.

Published by a regular publisher.