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I wish I saw your face when you read the news today and discovered that the new faction for Imperial Settlers is not Vikings or Greeks but Atlanteans. I can only imagine.

The idea came from Ralph, who is our artwork manager and many months ago said something like: „You could do Atlanteans. We’d have new kind of background with water instead of green grass and you could sink them at the end of the game. That would be funny.”

OMG, it wasn’t funny, it was brilliant! I just immediately got this huge smile on my face and I knew it – this is it. I don’t know how I’ll do it, I don’t know how it’ll work in the end, but I knew one thing – the moment you hear about it, you have big smile on your face.

I wanted that big smile on your face so I spent last months designing and playtesting this faction for you and believe me, it wasn’t easy. Atlanteans sink at the end of the game! It is pretty hard to balance!

Today I can tell that the faction is ready. It is fun and unique.

And hopefully today it put a big smile on your face.

This is what I do. I put smiles on people faces.

Link to announcement