HATERSI am hater. Not this jerk who attacks other people in the Internet. Not that anonymous troll who destroys lives of sensible people. Not that fucking idiot who gives thumbs down on every video with cute baby cat he can find. I am not that moron.

I am different breed.

I hate Monopoly.I hate it with my whole heart.

Every minute of my life is dedicated to promote modern games. I design them. I write about them. I spend almost every single weekend in different places promoting games. Just this weekend I spent 2 days in mall in my city where I ran event dedicated to board games. We were trying to show board games to average people who never heard about modern board games. It was hard but rewarding. People discovering Mysterium. People discovering that board games can be fun!

Yeah, that stuff.

Every minute I spend promoting board games though is confronted by every single copy of Monopoly sold. This old game that teaches you that board games take 4 hours. This old game that teaches you that either you screw opponent with unfair deal or he will screw you. This old game that is basically one huge game play issue.

This one. Sold every day in every city on this planet. Every copy sold will convince people that board games are long boring activity with no actual strategy, emotions or fun involved.

I love board games. I love them with great passion. And that love fuels my hate for Monopoly. I hate it with my whole heart, because I love board games with my whole heart. And since you guys know how much I love board games, you can imagine how devoted hater I must be…

The hater.


Yeah, all of this is because I read that Andrew Niccol writes screenplay for Monopoly movie. The guy behind Truman Show, one of the best movies ever is taking this stupid board game and makes a movie about it. Monopoly will get some hype again. Will sell some copies again. Will sabotage my work again.

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