I love good commercials. I hate stupid commercials and I love good ones. There is no middle ground.

Here is one that I love. Please, watch it before we move on.


Yesterday is gone. Today is up for grabs.
Do something and be remembered. No one owns today. Take it.


Let’s move back 6 years. It’s 2009. I am anonymous guy from Poland. No one ever heard about me. No one can even pronounce my name. I have game about siege. I have to do the impossible and create buzz and interest about it. I have to work as hard as possible, I have to use all my talent, skills and passion to win your hearts and convince you to try the game.

So I wrote epic – 12 posts long – series of articles about designing Stronghold. Published by BoardgamesNews.com it was something that no one saw in the industry before. I put whole heart into it. 12 weeks of tale about creating biggest game of my life.

It worked. I got gamers attention. I went to Essen, I sold every single copy of the game, I signed contract for US edition.

I did it. I had biggest success of my career.


Today I am no longer anonymous guy from Poland. Today there are people who know how to pronounce my name. Today I don’t look for contract for US market, Portal Games publishes games directly in US.

Looks like everything changed. I will just announce [thing=176606]Rattle, Battle[/thing] and I am done, huh?

Nope. Not at all.

I’ll work as hard as possible. I’ll use all my talent, skills and passion to win your hearts and convince you to try my game.

Because yesterday is gone. Because today is up for grabs. Because no one owns today.

Like every year I will have to take it.