Haugesund_webHaugesund is a small municipality, only 73 km². The population is 34,619, giving the municipality a population density of 509 people per km².

The town is situated on a strategically important sound through which ships could pass without traversing heavy seas. In the early years the coastal waters off Haugesund were a huge source of herring, and the town grew accordingly. Despite being barely a village back then, King Harald Fairhair lived at Avaldsnes, very close to…

OK, let’s face it. I never heard about Haugesund and I don’t know anything about this city. And yet, I am about to go there this week!


It all began at Essen 2014. Bunch of cool guys from Norway gave me a tshirt with their club logo and took a picture with me. I was recognizing them from previous years, this was bunch of loyal gamers who were  visiting Portal Games every year.

They told me they do convention in Norway and that would be cool if I visit them some day.

'When is it organized?’ I asked.

'February’ they said.

'You must be kidding me! Norway in February? Do I look like a fan of freezing temperatures?’ I replied.

'It’s called MidWinter con. But trust us, it’s not that cold in Norway in February!’

I was rolling with laughter.

'Guys we stay in touch, but chances that I’ll come are low. Just like temperatures in Norway in February.’ I said.


And here we are 3 months later – tomorrow I have flight to Haugesund. Flight is on 6 AM, I will have to get up 2 AM to get to airport. Doesn’t sound like fun. Low temperatures in Norway doesn’t sound like fun neither.

And yet, I am going to Haugesund.

Super cool gamers convinced me that this will be hell of a fun weekend. Believe it or not, I am sure, they are right. It’s gonna be fun. Norway, I am coming!