Portal Games is a company and as you guys know I am CEO of this company. I do business and I try to become billionaire. But besides that, besides trying to make huge money every day, I am trying to have fun. And I have to admit that this part about having fun is much more successful so far.

So once a while I try to make jokes, mock players whom I like (and know that they have sense of humor and won’t feel  offended). Like yesterday, when I was making fun of Tony from Rolling Dice and Taking Names who said that he sold his copy of Robinson Crusoe, because the game was all about problems with food, with wood, with wounds and beasts and that there is no moment of break from overhelming despair. So I designed a card for him.

I mention this as an introduction to the joke I made to Willie Hung at BGG.con 2014. And since Willie mentioned this in his yesterday’s blog post I think it is a great moment to read about his adventures with Portal Games and him dealing with me…