After the battle or before the battle…

14192638753_1908711ed5_bSo we are officially done with great year of 2014. I know that dust after the battle has not yet settled, I know that we have not yet played all the games we purchased in December, we are still excited about all great releases of 2014. I know that. All those list of Top10 games of 2014 are poping up just like ads when you visit website with illegal movies. I mean one after another. Like crazy.

You are still excited about Dead of Winter or Imperial Assault or Mysterium or Spyfall and many other great games that were published in 2014 and you did not have chance yet to play them.

Right? So much good stuff to play!

But here is the best – when you are trying to catch up with 2014, all publishers are already working damn hard to give you another set of great games in 2015. While you are catching up with all those great 2014 titles, we are doing final touches on 2015 releases. In February there is Nuremberg fair and publishers will present all those great designs to each other and negotiate local editions, and then in March there is Gama Trade show, and few weeks later Origins…

Time goes like crazy. I see all your tweets about you discovering Imperial Settlers, but let’s face it – I am already preparing for the new battle, I am already preparing for Gen Con 2015, I am already preparing new games. And so does each of publishers.

2014 was amazing year for our hobby. But let me tell you this: 2015 will be better.