IMG_1643It was yesterday when Seth Jaffee asked me on Twitter if I agree to teach him how to play Imperial Settlers at BGGcon. He said: “Will you teach me Imperial Settlers? Or would you prefer not to have to “work” in Dallas?”

Both of us, Seth and me knew that “work” word deserves this inversed commas. Why?

Because every single designer I know loves to teach their game and to see their game be played and enjoyed by players. It’s not work. It’s pure fun. It’s the best payoff for all those hours spent on the game. It’s the best that can happen – real people playing and enjoying his game.

It’s not work. It’s exactly 100% opposite.

After all those years I still enjoy running demo games of Robinson Crusoe. I still have pure joy presenting Imperial Settlers. I want to teach people how to play Pret-a-Porter, Convoy or Zombiaki. Yes, and Stronghold too!


I go to BGGcon to have fun. I want to play dexterity games. I want to play Dead of Winter. I want to play games. But remember, the most fun I have is when I see people playing my game. So guys, don’t hesitate.

Come and ask me to teach you one of my games.

That’s how I understand having fun at con…