Few days ago my friend Ryu asked me if I want my Caverna back. Surprise on my face. ’You forgot I have it, did you?’ He was right. I forgot. I bought it and lent him few months ago without even playing it.

Few minutes later I posted on my Twitter.

Just a comment about me having too many games that wait to play. I didn’t realize I’ll raise an avalanche.  

and many more…

We are crazy.


So, back to my Caverna. I bought at the beginning of the year. Everybody was talking about how good it is and I wanted to try it. Polish edition was announced but I didn’t want to wait, I want to join community of gamers and talk about Caverna, share passion, discuss what I like about the game. So I decided to not wait for Polish edition, I decided to have it now!

It was four months ago. I haven’t played it yet. Polish edition will be published in a few weeks. Brilliant.

I counted games that wait. 72 boxes. Quite a number. What’s there?

Mexica. I played Tikal and I loved it. So I bought Mexica, second game in the series. It was hard to buy but I found it when I was in Essen. My first time in Essen. 2005… I think I should wait few months more and play it next year. 10 years after I bought it. Brilliant it is.

Field Commander: Alexander. I got it to see how it is to play board games solo. I find board games as a social experience and I couldn’t imagine that playing solo may be fun. Yeah… It was about two years before I designed Robinson Crusoe and its solo variant and spent so many hours playing solo. Yeah, I know solo games can be fun too. Still haven’t played Alexander though.

Battue I bought because of Bruno Faidutti’s review in 2008. I think publisher was from Korea or something close to this region, game looked both interesting and unique. Recommendation from Bruno helped me to make a decision and purchase it. Who knows, perhaps I am the only one gamer in Poland who has it! It strokes my inner geek! Pitty, it all ended only having the game. Not played it yet.

Goblins Inc. is a funny one. I really mean it. You know, I don’t purchased it. I borrowed it to play it two years ago! Didn’t happen. How stupid I am to borrow games although I have 70+ my own titles not yet played?!

The list go on. MicroMutants, 1st&Goal, El Capitan, Fallen Lands, Bushido, Magestorm

I am crazy. And as my Twitter feed proves, I am not the only one…