10 things I wil NOT do at Gen Con 2013

I will NOT take part in 'Intro to Melt and Pour Soapmaking’
When I saw this 'Spouse activities’ section for the first time it was this 'woow moment’. Activities for geek’s wives?! Really?!

243 records in this section – from dance class, to joga exercises. Never seen something like that before. No con in Poland has such offer. Yes, I am amazed.

If I was non-playing geek’s wife I think I would prefer to stay away from Gen Con anyway. I think I’d have fun just being alone at home, free from my geeky husband for couple of days but well… it turns out that some geeks don’t let their wives stay at home alone, right?

Anyway, my Die Hard Merry strongly refused to go for joga at Gen Con.

I will NOT take part in True Dungeon
This is a pity. I read about it many years ago, before I even got into boardgaming hobby. Back then I was a young RPG player and bought some issues of Dungeon magazine and read about True Dungeon event and dreamed about taking part in it. It looked super super cool.

But I will not have time for this at Gen Con 2013. Too many other errants on my Gen Con schedule.

Perhaps next year… Or next next year. Or next next next year… or at least when I am retired. I will be great wizard then!

I will NOT defend (although I can Aikido!)
I know that many of my rulebooks pissed you guys off. You were reading them and did grind curses under your nose. I am sorry for all of those hours you spent trying to decipher my poorly written ideas.

I am going to US with my head up. I am ready to listen all fu&@&€@ you want to throw into my face. I know I deserve it. Time to pay for my sins, right? Feel free to smash me down.

I will bear it with humility.

I will NOT see too much of US
This is my first trip to US. When I am back my friends will ask me thousands of questions about America. They will ask about my impressions, about differences between Europe and US, about funny details…

Well, I assume that ony thing I will be able to tell them is that publisher’s booths looks just like in Essen. I will spend 4 days at ZMAN’s stand. I will not see to much of US…

My knowledge about US will probably remain such as it was before – cool explosions on every other corner, car chases, alien invasion every couple of months…

Cool place to live…

I will NOT have demo copies of The Legacy and Theseus
At Gen Con I am guest of ZMAN GAMES. For the most of time I will be hanging around their booth and running demo games of Robinson Crusoe, Convoy and Neuroshima Hex 3.0. I will be happy to chat with you about Portal Games releases but I will not be running demo games of these titles.

I may, however, have some interesting prototypes for you – expansion for Robinson or new army for Neuroshima Hex… If you are interested, I can put them into my backpack.

I will NOT be 100% awoken
There is 6 hours time difference between Poland and Indianapolis. And since I arrive to US only one day before Gen Con, I will not have much time to adopt for new time table.

Funny thing? If you look at my Gen Con schedule (listed below) you will find out that Zev set 'Ignacy’s challange’ event for 8-10 PM. 8-10 PM in Indianapois is… 2-4 AM my time. I will be totally dazed. If I win even one game during this event I will consider it as The Success!

On the other hand, if you want to play with me games in the hotel lobby at 3AM Indianapolis time, I am totay fine with this idea – it will be 9AM my time! Just send me a twitt that you are in the hotel lobby and I go downstairs with game in my hands. 

I will NOT use 'no’ word
If you see me busy and not entirely awoken (see above) don’t hesitate to catch me anyway. Don’t hesitate to make me super busy. I am going to Gen Con to meet you guys, to talk with you, play, sign boxes, basicay have fun with you!

You know, I will spend 13 hours in plane. I hate planes. I am afraid of flying. This is gonna be 13 hour of torture for me. But I am going to Gen Con. I am going to US and I want to meet as many of you as possible. So…

Even if I look deadly tired, don’t hesitate – I am there to talk/play/laugh with you.

I will NOT hesitate to leave my clothes
My luggage is limited. One suitcase, max weigh 29 kg. If in the final day, in the final hour, when packing home I find out that I have too much stuff to pack into suitcase, if I find out that I lost control at Gen Con and bought too many games, I will not think twice. I will leave clothes behind.

Games go to Poland with me. For my t-shirts it may be one way trip…

I will NOT…

Ok. That’s it.

It’s high time to tell you what I will do!

0PM-2PM ZMAN booth [I will run demo games of Robinson/Convoy/NS HEX. Please, drop by!]2PM-4PM Dice Tower Designer Forum! [there is plenty of tickets left, so sign up and see me pretending to be smart ass!]4PM-6PM Ignacy’s Challange [I will play Neuroshima Hex and you will try to kick my ass. Good luck ]

0PM – 1PM ZMAN booth [as above]1PM – 3PM Ignacy’s Challange [as above]3PM – 6PM ZMAN booth [as above]8PM – 10PM Ignacy’s Challange [as above]

0PM – 6PM ZMAN booth [as above]8PM – 10PM Ignacy’s Challange [as above]

For the rest of the time I will be here and there and I will try to make some spontaneous hangouts every day, probably at 6PM, when publishers space closes and we move to boardgames area. I don’t know this location, I am at Gen con for the first time. I don’t know where and when we will be able to hangout – will it be hotel lobby or some pub or just boardgames area…?

I don’t know. I will improvise.

Here is my twitter: @trzewik

Follow me and I will try to twitt where I am so you can join us!

This is my first Gen Con. Wish me luck. And meet me there!