I knew only the basics – Charles Darwin created theory of evolution. That’s what’s left in my head after years of education in school. Not too much.

Then Robert Masson came and made me work with him and design Voyage of the Beagle. So I began to dig in this story. I like know background of story I am recreating in my games and what is more, I felt that for Robert it is super important. He wrote epic introduction to campaign, he was pointing references to actual events in his every scenario. I saw it is important and I need to learn this story to make a good campaign.

I was reading, I was searching web, I was connecting some facts hidden deep in my head (Galapagos!), and finally I went to Amazon.co.uk and bought Creation, movie about Charles Darwin. That was a final piece. Everything just clicked.

Today, because of months spent with Voyage of the Beagle, I know much more about this events. Doing research, looking at scans of Darwin’s diaries, looking at his achievements with this whole historical background I know much more than smart ass kid like me could know just going to school. Darwin was not a boring scientist who added 2 to 2 and figured out it is 4. He was not a avarage naturalist who discovered something obvious. Oh, no. Not at all.

Charles Darwin took fundaments of knowledge of his times, took everything people knew about life and turned it upside down. His thesis were – as it looked for people of his times – contrary to teachings of the church. Quite a bravery, isn’t it?

Watch Creation. Play Voyage of the Beagle. Honor man with amazing mind and courage and spirit. I am proud, I could help to retell his story by creating expansion for Robinson. Thank you Robert for taking me for this journey. It will stay with me for ever.