Every year I meet more designers and every year list of people I love in this industry grows. Few years ago I knew only Michal Oracz, then I met Bruno Faidutti, Adam Kaluza, Emanuel Ornella, and list began to grow like crazy. Now I am often in this situation – I put a board on my table and I am so much excited about it because this game was designed by a designer who I know by person, who I like and who I really respect.

In most cases, like for example with K2 from Adam Kałuża I am so damn proud that this is my mate’s game. I love the game, I love the guy, I know that mountains are his great passion and I am so happy that he managed to design such a brilliant game about climbing K2. On the other hand, in some cases I feel really bad when I play a game that I don’t like that much. For example The Cave – it is also from Adam Kaluza. This is his other design. I find it fiddly and not that interesting. I wish Cave is better. I know Adam loves this theme, I know this is his hobby, I know he spent hundred of hours exploring caves in his spare time.

I don’t like the game. I feel really bad with this.

Good news is, my friends designers in most cases designs superb games! Like the one that Days of Wonder just – not yet officially – announced. This one is from Bruno Cathala. I played the prototype last year.

Put it on your radar guys because this one will blow your mind. Mark my words.