Her husband had 375 games, now has only 10! She listened to advice from Tom Vasel.

The Dice Tower recorded video called: Top 10 essential games every gamer should have.

Are you guys kidding us?! Do you realize what impact this video can have on our lives? Do you think our wives don’t use you tube?! Wake up!

You don’t have to be a prophet to see our wives watching it and then trashing our collection leaving us with 10 games!

’This all you need darling as I heard…’

I see those headlines: Her husband had 300+ games, but now he has only 10! She watched The Dice Tower video.

Guys, you need to record another video. As soon as possible. Here is a script:

Zee: hi folks. There’s been misunderstanding
Tom: a huge one
Sam: we want to apologize all wives
Zee: and gamers
Tom: our lates epizode was about essential 10 games to have in collection
Sam: meaning 'as a best start for our collection’
Zee: these 10 games are fundament
Tom: fundament not whole building.
Sam: beginning, not finish…

Save us before it is too late…