Every single month I get an email from a game designer who is paranoid. He wants to submit a game but first of all he asks me how I make him sure I will not steal his idea and publish it as my own.

Ridiculous amount of young designers believes that I – Ignacy Trzewiczek – am waiting to steal their ideas. Every single day I check my Inbox to see if there is a new game submitted. Game I could steal and win Spiel des Jahres. 

That’s me. The Hunter from darkness. Predator among young designers.

Right. That’s exactly what I do. Steal your ideas.


First of all – if you, game designer – consider that I am a thief who wants to cheat you and steal your idea and publish it as my own, if you think I am such a person, then… well, what can I say. Why do you even contact me? Get the hell out off my Inbox! You think I am a thief? Don’t contact me. It is as simple as that.

Secondly – try to think. A little bit. Please.

If I steal your idea and publish it as mine own design what would you do? You’d go to BGG and you’d write that it was your idea first. You’d show scans of your prototype. You’d ask your friends who tested your prototype to confirm that they played this prototype with you. 

That is the moment when I am screwed for good.

Never ever any author will submit the game to me.

Immediately my company earns stealer reputation.

I am dead in 3 months. No one will buy my games anymore.

Even best prototype is not worth stealing. Trust me.


Publishers don’t steal ideas. They are square or… or at least they are not stupid.

Send your prototypes to publishers without fear. The worst thing that can happen would be publisher refusing publishing the game. The best that can happen? Great adventure with your own game published and then praised by players.

Sounds nice, right?