It is called Das verructe labyrinth. Known also as The aMAZEing Labirynth or just Labirynth. Published by Ravensburger in 1986 roku was then republished in 16 different editions and gave a birth of whole range of games with Labirynth in name. True classic. Best-seller. And – what is more – the boardgame of my childhood. I do really have no idea how it got into my home. It was a deep communism in Poland then, no boardgames in stores. It must have been sent to us in some package from Germany. I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I spent countless hours with it.

It’s been more than 20 years ago. I still remember playing it with my parents and brother. I still have photo in my old photo album with me playing the game. I loved that game. I believed then I will play it till my last day. Unfortunately, I grew up.

I got to know Role Playing Games, I got to know hundreds of exciting things to do. My box with Labirynth disappeared. Lost in time. Adventure has been finished. It seemed for ever. Well… Not for ever.

Three years ago my friend Adam Hammudeh brought his copy of Labirynth to our gaming club. When I saw box, I felt thrill. My eyes opened wide. Heart beat stronger. Memories become live again. I asked Adam if I can borrow the game. 'No problem. Have a good time with your kids’ he said and I took Labirynth with me. It was nearly 15 years since I have it last time.

It was amazing. It was time travel. I was sitting at my table, with my kids and I was playing Labirynth. Magical moments. Could I – 20 years ago – believe that when I will be adult, I will still play this game? I couldn’t.

We played for a few months. I sat with my kids and together we fought to find best track to our goal items. Every single game of Labitynth with my kids was like a best game ever. I had a great time.

Unfortunately, finally my kids grew up…

I’ ve just packed my Labirynth to box. The adventure is finished, again. My son wants to play Galaxy Trucker, Nina wants to play Kingsburg, and in a fact, Descent is their favourite. 'Dad, Labitynth is a kids game’ they said. It is over. Labirynth goes at the bottom of wardrobe. I will miss it for few years.

My youngest daughter has 2 years. In three years I will pull out the box from wardrobe. I will put it on my table. And again, I will be the happiest man on the planet.