’Mariusz sent us new artwork. Look at 'Mr. President’ card. It is awesome.’ , said Michał and showed me the artwork.

'You must be kidding’, I said.

'What?’, asked Michał. 'What’s wrong with this ilustration?’

The artwork was really nice. Smiled showman was pointing at us.

'Mr. President is a men who rebuilds the city. He is a tought guy. Not showman’


'Look at the card. He gives on free rebuild action and he gives you Victory Points anytime you do rebuild action again. He believes he is a new president of US. It is clear. Obvious. He is tought guy with mission.’, I explained.

'Do you, really, believe that anyone find it obvious?’ asked Michał.

Michał might be right. I may be the only one men on this planet who sees theme and story in 51st State. I am the guy who knows exactly why Excavator gives you – while Invaded – two bricks, and why Bulldozer ignores type of the card when you make rebuild action.

So here I am. I tell you about story in 51. I hope you will have more fun with the game when you will understand what is happening on your table.

Card iconspub
Every card in 51st State represents location that you can find in neighborhood. What you have in your hand, this few cards, represents locations that you’ve heard that are around your home. That is why the draft phase is called Lookout phase – when you take cards, you are looking for interesting places near your Base. When you have cards in your hand, it means, that you know about these locations and that you can try to make a contact with them.

That is why when you put Pub into play, you may – during every turn – take new cards. You have Pub, Pub is a place where people share information. You listen to stories from wanderers and you know what is interesting behind horizon.

If you have Noticeboard, you take more cards during draft – you have access to information. When you Invade it, which means burn and destroy, you take all announcements that were there and that’s it. You take 3 cards – that is all knowledge you get by reading these announcements.

If you put Tavern into a game, you will be able to sell information. That’s how it works – discard a card from hand (which means you share some information about interesting Location) and gain Victory Point.

What does Baby Swift? She discards cards, which means she sells information… I will not describe it in more details. You get the picture, do you?

gunshopVictory points
Victory Points represent power. Victory Points show how our faction is perceived by others. If you have Wreck of tank it makes impression, isn’t it? Size does matter. That is why you get 1 Victory Point when you have Tank. Everybody in neighborhood knows that you are the one with Tank at your doorstep. You do more, you put Wreck of plane next to Tanks and you will rock. You will be famous. You will get many VP.

What about Museum? You Invade it you get 1 VP – everybody’s heard that you was the guy who destroyed this big, famous building. And you get 1 card. Why? There were some old maps and you know something interesting now…

Arena gives you possibilites to attack other places. You have Arena, so you have thugs who can invade. That is why Arena produces Guns. Guns trader makes you famous in the area. You are they guy from whom everybody can buy a gun. That makes you rich. Powerfull. That gives you VP. Well, when you will build Gun shop, it will be something!

I really do like Kelly’s Pawn Shop. Kelly is a big fish, as you can see when you look at the card. If you have interesting Spoil, and you not use it, but you go to Kelly and give it to him – you will gain lots of VP. Everybody will notice that you are Kelly’s good buddy. You make business with big fish. You got 2 VP. Your power grows.

In Old depot you will find lots of iron. With Radiostation you may contact other locations and sign deals. At School you will find free workers, in Old factory you have space to hide good stuff… I believe that 51st State has interesting rules but I also do believe that there is a great story behind cards. When I play 51st State I always imagine my faction growing stronger and stronger with new buildings, deals, and spoils…

Post Scriptum
About these Bricks in Excavator… You sent your thugs to bring you stuff. You say: 'Overe there, two miles from here, there is Excavator. Do your job!’

Few hours later they are back. They are happy as a hell.

'Boss, you will be proud of us. We hunted it down. You won’t believe! It had a locker in front, and lots of stuff there. We have it!’

And then they give you two backbacks full of bricks. Stuff, they found when destroying Excavator…