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I always supported England. I was a die-hard fan of the team with Joe Cole, with Frank Lampard, with Steven Gerrard, with David Beckham, I loved them all. I remember the epic shot from Steven Gerrard that was a goal, but there was no goal-line technology back then, and we all in front of TV saw a goal, but the referee did not. I remember myself taking bets that David Beckham will have the most assists in the cup. I remember the anger I felt when Sven Goran Eriksson lost the match that was basically won, but he decided he will do the substitution…

I always supported England. Always, but not this time.

Rahim Sterling’s dive in the match against Denmark was a disgrace. I couldn’t accept it. I turned my back on England for the first time in my life.

England scored a quick goal against Italy and stopped playing. From the 10th minute of the game, they decided that they want to keep the score. No ambition to score again. No motivation to create a spectacle. Just stone cold Mourinho style game. It was a disgrace. The whole world watching and you just defend the 1:0 score. I couldn’t accept it. I felt it was good I turned my back on England this time.

English fans attacked Italian fans on Wembley, including kids. The video spread like crazy on social media yesterday. It was a disgrace. I couldn’t accept it. I felt it was good I turned my back on England this time.

English players took off the medals they won the second they got them showing disrespect to the achievement. It was a disgrace. I couldn’t accept it. I felt it was good I turned my back on England this time.

I discussed in this blog a few days ago my First Martians case. I discussed Pride as a deadly sin.

England was drowned in Pride yesterday.

Congratulations to Italy. You played great football over the course of the whole tournament.

That’s it. The Eurocup ended yesterday.

In England, people woke up this morning with an eternal hangover, on a more depressing Monday than ever. In Italy, people are just about to go to bed. The hangover will probably come too but has a different cause.

For a fan, watching your team win Eurocup is something you will always remember. You know where you were, what happened, and how it happened. At this moment, you never realize how long you have to wait until next time. I myself remember that moment in 1988 very well. I was 11.

But as the smoke clears, people start to look at the club football again. The clubs are already playing their practice matches again. It’s really relaxing to go and watch one of your clubs. No tension, no fight for championship or against relegation. You need that on a holiday. Just watch new players trying to work themselves in the first team. Look at a couple of goals. See your friends again and discuss the best lineup, as if you were managers. A little relaxation during the summer holidays.

In Eleven you will also discuss your best lineup with your friends. But only after the match. You don’t want to help your opponent of course. It’s always nice to give your friend a little advice after he messed up. It’s not only about the victory points. It’s about honor. Of Course, you know more about football tactics. In Eleven you can prove it.

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Thomas Jansen is the designer of Eleven: the football manager game. Ignacy Trzewiczek is the developer of the game. They both will share their thoughts about EuroCup 2021 and also talk about the design or development of Eleven. Be with them every day during Euro! If you like football and board games, please, share the news about Eleven!

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