This week I finally managed to play Friday by Friedemann Friese. Game was released years ago, but my copy arrived early December, from Polish MathTrade.

I played and it was shock – Friday has exact the same game mechanism like Robinson – this is deckbuilding! Just like in Robinson you draw a card and you decide if you discard it or fight it and as a consequences you shuffle it into a deck. 

How on earth this is possible! Two game designers working separately came up with the same theme (Robinson) and used exact the same mechanism!

And what is more, how it is possible none of reviewers spotted it?! Why all reviewers who review Robinson say nice things about my idea, but none of them mentions published one year earlier Friday? Is Friedemann thinking that I stole his idea? Why no one sees that? I am the only one who see that both of us came up with the same idea?

This is very awkward situation – but I have good advice here. Play Friday. It is very cool solo game. I recommend it… just like my own design!