The Legacy is ready. We sent all files to print. Adventure that started last autumn has finished. Our office is literally covered with dozen of versions of prototypes of the game. We were printing and cutting those damn 240 cards countless times for the past months. Yesterday my kids cut last version of prototype (we take it to Polcon this weekend). And that’s it. Never ever again. Next time I have The Legacy in my hands, I will have final product. Can’t wait.


The game was refused by dozen of game companies. Michiel was looking for publisher for a long time before he met me. I saw a potential in his prototype. I believed in it. So I spend nearly one year working on the game and then I put my money into the game. I make it real.

In a few weeks we will know who was right. Me or other publishers…


Today we posted final cover, tomorrow we post cards, on Monday we post rulebook and on Wednesday I hope to start pre-orders. Pre-orders with goodies, with extras, pre-orders that will satisfy true geeks. We put a good effort to make this product as awesome as possible.

In a few weeks you will get The Legacy into your hands. You’ll open the box and start play.

It’s time to call my bluff. Is this game really so cool as I was telling you for the past few weeks…?


Ah, one more thing! I have to say it. Sorry Michiel, but right now I am kinda sick of your game. I need a break… And Walec needs a break too…