tumblr_npu7psE7Jd1sfie3io1_1280You probably noticed I was super stressed before Gen con. I was terrified, I had huge pressure on me and it was really hard to cope with that. I felt tired all the time, couldn’t focus at work, my only dream was 'Let this Gen con be over.’ Yeah, there was a lot of stress. Or to be more precise – I put all this crazy pressure by myself. Anyway, this was horrible few weeks.

And it’s over.

All games arrived (although we had many adventures with that), games were selling like crazy and games got very good feedback. On my FB and Twitter feed I see more and more pictures of people playing and enjoying Rattle, Battle. That’s my first family game, I was really afraid about the feedback.

I am no longer afraid.

This weekend I saw many tweets with people playing my games. Here is one of them. Father and daughter playing Rattle, Battle. How cool is that!

Operation Gen con is over. I am happy again. I am energized again. I am motivated like crazy again. I work every day since the very morning till the very late night again. I am back in action. I have so much energy as never before. I think I may explode at some point.

Let’s face it. I missed me. I missed this obsessed with work dude who can not wait for the next day and for these all crazy things he will do next day.

Welcome back Ignacy. Good to see you again.