It just happened. We don’t know when it happened, but it certainly happened and there is no way to change this. Smart phones are part of our life. Like crazy we make and post photos, we share our emotions, we announce on Facebook or Twitter that we are happy or angry.

You are having a great time? Bum! Make a selfie with friends and post on Instagram.

You just won few bucks in a casino? Bum! Let all your firends on FB know that!

Having awesome dinner? Photo of meal is on your Instagram!

And so on, and so on. We share our happy moments like crazy. I like it. I do it a lot.


Even if I eat a great dinner at Bally’s Las Vegas, I won’t post it on my Instagram.

Even if I win 1000 usd at Bally’s Las Vegas casino, I won’t post it on Twitter.

Even if I have a great time with friends at Bally’s Las Vegas, I won’t mention it on Facebook.

I won’t do this because Bally’s Las Vegas has no free wi-fi for guests.

Instead of posting positive emotions, instead of showing everybody that I have a great time at Ballly’s and my friends should come over here and have a great time too, I’ll do something else. I’ll pay for Internet access and I write this hate post.

I am super disappointed. I wanted to share with my friends and followers awesomeness of Gama Trade Show. Bally’s made it hard.


Hey, Bally’s! Wake up!! It’s 2015 for crying out loud! I need Internet access to praise you or… #IHateBallysVegas