9381513147_399e5e5562Yesterday it was first time in my life when I decided to not watch Polish football team playing match. Whole life, more than 30 years of my life I watched every single match of Polish football team. I watched with hope that one day they will play good football. Like an old dog I was sitting in front of TV for all those years and I couldn’t understand it… Why they don’t try harder. Why they don’t fight. Why they act like they are there for punishment.

I find this attitude as a lack of respect for their supporters, for their work, for themselves. That is why yesterday, for the first time in my life I turned off TV when Polish national team played match. I had enough.

I am not this wag guy or jester guy who makes jokes about football players. I don’t tell jokes in the office after we loose match. I am quite the opposite. I am really and truly sad when our team plays miserably. I don’t find it funny. I don’t want to hear jokes about it. For all those years I really trusted in Polish team and was sad when I had to hear those stupid jokes…

Dear Polish national team. For the first time I decided to not be with you. I did it because of your lack of respect for the work you do. I never wanted you to win against England, Germany or Spain. I only wanted you to fight for the victory. To care about match. To do your best and leave heart, sweat and tears on the pitch. I only wanted you to respect your loyal supporters.

I can forgive lack of skills. I can’t forgive lack of heart.

Too many times you failed your loyal supporter. I am sorry. I quit.



Photo Credit: __MaRiNa__ via Compfight cc