When I was a kid,my father said to me: from among two persons who make a bet one is a dick and the other is moron. The first guy knows he is right and he takes advantage from it. The other is just a moron wishing he is lucky and is right. Obviously he is not.

In December 2012 I was running demo games of Robinson at Pionek convention. It was long time ago. Before Robinson got these all great reviews. Before it got licensed to Germany, Italy, Russia, China or Korea. Before he got awards and nominations…

What is more, at that time I was in the middle of hell – at Polish game forums dozen of haters attacked me with a strength and hatred I have never seen before. It was so brutal and personal, that admins of game forum decided to react and kick some asses. Yeah, Polish release of Robinson was very sad time for me.

At that Pionek convention, devastated by Internet haters I was still struggling for success of Robinson and running demos of Robinson, all two days, from dusk till night. One of players who decided to try was my friend Klema. He played, then he came to me, hug me like bear and with very serious voice he said to me: 'It will make top 20 at BGG. Congratulations.’

At this time it sounded like the dumbest thing on Earth. The very very dumbest thing. The dumbest. If he ask me back then: 'Want a bet?’ I would bet with 10 000 $ that he is not right. I would bet without a blink.

From among those two who would make a bet, I would be the moron. Today Robinson make it to Top20 at BGG.


This is unbelievable, but this is true. I can’t believe this is real…