I have never had a boomerang but I always believed it is kind a cool stuff. You throw it and sooner or later it comes back. Well, at least that’s what I saw when I was a kid and watched cartoons. Anyone here tried it in real life?

This week something 'boomerang style’ happened.

In 2012 I published Robinson. I spent countless hours designing the game and finally it got released. Thrown into the world. I got feedback very quickly, first ratings on BGG, first reviews, emails from players and meeting them on convention. That was awesome. Every hour, every night, every weekend spent on Robinson did pay off. Every time I receive geekmail from Robinson’s player, every time I meet players at convention I feel that it was damn worth it.

You know all of that. I write about this on my blog all the time.

This week however something extraordinary happened. New scenario for Robinson was published. Scenario designed by game’s fans. This was like a hit. That was exactly boomerang thing. I released the game and now it comes back with new content. Amazing content, to be precise.

I may be one of the best writers among boardgamers but this time it is hard to fully express my feelings about that unique experience. Reading great content created by fans for my game. Priceless, as Mastercard marketing would say.

This very first time I will just shut my mouth up and I will do something else. I will act. Here is my idea.

This weekend, 11th of May I am gonna play Robinson. I will play it first time in my life just for fun. I will not test new stuff. I will not balance it. I will not run demo game. I will play it for pure fun. Very first time in my life.

Please, join me this day and play Robinson. Take your copy from shelf and play The Naturalist scenario. Let’s play it worldwide, as many of you as possible. I will be on twitter for whole day (@trzewik) and I will report how many points I managed to get. Look for #naturalist hashtag.

Let us all say: 'Good work, thanks!’ to the team who developed The Naturalist scenario. This is amazing gift I was given.

11th May. I will be there, on the Island. Be there with me.

Here is a link to scenario: http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/90628/the-naturalist-8th-s…

Here is a link to STORYonBOARD magazine where Robert and Marion published awesome article about creating this scenario. You have to ready this story! http://files.neuroshima.org/sob_008.pdf