We are at our friend flat. Kids are bored. We’ve just finished playing 'Hands Up’. Kids kinda like it but don’t want to play it again. Olek and Nina go to other room. Our youngest kid, Lena stays and wants to play again.

Our friend has no games for kids. But don’t worry, this is no problem. I am game designer. I am pro. I look around looking for some components I could use. I found a d6 die. Fair enough.

’Highest wins!’ I say to Lena. I take die, I roll 2. Lousy me. Lena takes die and throws it up very high almost destroying our friend’s chandelier. Die lands few meters away, next to sofa. 'I won!’ shouts Lena and runs to find die under sofa. She is so damn happy.

Yeah, highest wins…

Merry rolls with laughter. Lena wants to play again. Chandelier sway dangerously. I think I’ll better come up with a different game…

You know, every time I think I can’t suck more in terms of rulebooks, life shows I can. I can suck more. It seems there are no limits for my suckness.