I am in Nurnberg. Fair is big. 12 halls. 12 huge halls full of toys, models, teddy bears and all other stuff that kids would kill for.

Halls with boardgames are – you won’t guess! – farthest from the entrance. It takes me 40 minutes before I reach my boardgamer beloved land.

Well, I got lost. Twice. But still – 40 minutes?!

It is however not problem of time. It is problem of 3 huge boxes with prototypes I am carrying with me and lack of bag. Why the hell I didn’t take a bag?! What was I thinking?

Want to feel like Trzewik in Nurnberg? Take 3 games from your shelf and walk with them around your home for 40 minutes. That’s my impression from Nurnberg.

My arms faint.

So when I see on the horizon a man who gives away some free bags, I don’t think twice. I run! I take the bag. I put games into. Uff! I have no damn idea what I will be advertising now, because this slogan is written in German, but I don’t care. I am this point where I have no problem even advertising treatment for prostate.


These days we don’t have watches. We have watch on mobile. Who needs watch these days?

Well. I do.

I do because my mobile is down.

I am not making it up. This is really happening!

I have 4 important meetings scheduled and I have no watch. This is me. Ignacy Trzewiczek. Shark.

So I desperately start to look for contact.
I find contact in one of corridors.
I plug in.
I sit. Like a dog on the rope. It will take a while before my mobile starts to breath again.


So I am sitting like a moron on a rope waiting for my mobile to start working when just from now where came Ben and Basti from Spielama.de! Among those thousands of people in the middle of some stupid corridor I met a guys who gave me Game of the year prize for Robinson Crusoe! Amazing.

We shake hands. I propose them meeting later on. They agree.

They go away. I stay. Moron on the rope…


Finally I go to meetings. I present my games to our US, French and German partners. Pegasus is not interested in Prototype2. Iello is interested in Prototype2 and is not entirely convinced to Prototype1. Zman need to discuss everything with team at their offices…

This is hard. You have couple of minutes to present games you are working on. Meetings are short, no one here have time to sit with you for two hours and play the game.

You show prototype. You describe it. Bach, ten minutes passed, you show another one. And another…

You don’t know when it is 5PM. I meet Spielama again. We play. Discuss. Bach, it is 6PM.

Time for dinner. Time for hotel.


Nurnberg this year was very intense for me.

When I reached home, my friend Tycjan sent me a photo – German box for Robinson Crusoe.

You can see it here: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151281970667005&se…
It was shown in Nurnberg. I was so busy I haven’t chance to see it. It gives you glimpse of how busy can you be during a fair, does it?